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Top Soma bay Amazing projects Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Somabay Top projects

•Bay central 

Bay Central Step into Soma bay's world-class Marina and lose yourself in a diverse array of authentic experiences, perfected by a treasure-trove of locally grown brands. Set to become the pulsating heart of the peninsula year-round, the Marina is an exclusive invitation to indulge in unique culinary adventures, soulful retail experiences and late-night entertainment. 

Bay Central  soma bay

Bay Central is the most exclusive and premium spot in Somabay, oozing inescapable elegance and class. Masterplanned to surround communities’ with a unique air of sophistication and grandeur, every aspect of Central Bay’s residential vision seamlessly integrates in absolute harmony with the natural environment to redefine contemporary living on the Red Sea. 

Boasting crystalline waters that flow over colorful gardens of corals, Bay Central directly opens onto panoramic views of sapphire beaches and tranquil lagoons, so residents can slow down and sunbathe or simply live it up by engaging in exciting beachfront activities, offered in abundance above and below Somabay’s mesmerizing sea.

•Arc Soma Bay

Your home is in a haven of limitless beauty, at Arc of Soma. With a limited number of suites available, you're sure to find the perfect place to call home.

ARC OF SOMA Glistening on an idyllic peninsula under the Red Sea’s year-round sun, Somabay is a paradise getaway famed for its clear sapphire waters, white sandy beaches and intricate tapestry of coral reefs, upping its exclusivity factor by mere topography. Expertly conceived to evoke a laid-back feeling, every aspect of the heavenly development is sympathetic to nature, painting colorful experiences around its lively marina and soul-soothing jetty, so you can take recharge or decelerate.


Home to 5 luxury resort hotels and a signature portfolio of residential properties, Somabay’s one-of-a-kind settings with its full complement of premium amenities are the stage for incomparable experiences alongside friends and family. Nestled on 10 million square meters of lush land, life at Somabay is where fantasy-scapes follow you wherever you go and sun drenched activities take infinite elevating forms. Introducing Arc of Soma Suites.

Experience luxurious living at its finest in the heart of Red Sea with Arc of Soma - where comfort, convenience, and world-class amenities meet to create your dream home.

Nestled on 10 million square meters of lush land, life at Somabay is where fantasy-scapes follow you wherever you go and sun drenched activities take infinite elevating forms.

•Mesca Soma Bay

Mesca Beach is Somabay’s exclusive beachfront enclave, directly opening onto its tranquil azure bay and captivating mountain terrain.Extravagant space and exquisite touches of luxury create the perfect ambience of a private single floor Stand Alone Villa, with three en-suite bedrooms, lavish living and dining areas, and a private swimming pool surrounded by an elaborate terrace for relaxing and entertaining.

Step from your luxury villa straight onto the sunny deck of your private pool and either dive in for a morning swim or cool off from the afternoon sun at your own private garden. Boasting large glass window facades and sharp contemporary lines, Mesca’s Stand Alone Villa is carefully designed to invite ample light, as well as the outdoors in, so you can forge an unobscured connection with nature from the comfort of your own home. Combining raw stone punctuations and streamlined wooden beams, Mesca’s Stand Alone Villa is a signature statement of contemporary elegance by the sea.

The mere mention of Mesca Chalets evokes thoughts of a seafront paradise. It’s more than a home; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. Inspired by Balinese simplicity, Mesca Chalets Soma Bay invites uninterrupted serenity around every corner of your home, complemented by a nature-inspired design where less is certainly more. Experience blissful repose in the comfort of your own private pool or simply decelerate in your expansive terrace where the golden sun touches the deep blue sea


Located on Somabay’s west coast, Bay west is the perfect idyllic residential project. Renowned for its soothing architecture, picturesque surroundings and tranquil sea which guarantees an impeccable stress free environment for you and your family.

Bay West Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Bay West Somabay boasts a collection of villas varying between standalone villas, twin villas and townhouses. That comes with different sizes, layouts, designs and price rates to accommodate all needs and preferences.

Bay West Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

The selection of wood and stone in Bay west’s architecture coupled with the seamless blend of modern and contemporary styles truly created a timeless look that has been painstakingly designed to embody luxury and comfort. The spectrum of colors used were inspired by Mother Nature herself. Every color you see outside – everything from dark brown tree bark to the greenest of grass- has been chosen to enrich your lives by bringing the natural goodness of earth into your homes.

Bay West Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

•Reef town

Reef Town is developed to incorporate modern elements taken by the minimalistic style of the natural colors and textures that compose Soma Bay.

Reef town Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Developed to incorporate modern elements taken by the minimalistic style of the natural colors and textures that compose Somabay, Reeftown is the latest project to reflect the beauty of the Red Sea in structure and design. 

Reef town Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Located between Wadi Jebal and Soma Breeze the strategic positioning of Reeftown on the Reef side of the bay boasts unobstructed, panoramic views of the Red Sea and beyond. The project is comprised of intimate, two to three bedroom chalets that are designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape. In close proximity to the diverse facilities provided in Somabay, residents of Reeftown are only a short walk away from our world-renowned golf course, private coastline, and The Cascades Hotel.

Reef town Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Reeftown in Somabay is a unique destination where you can connect with the surrounding nature, unwind and relax. It is well known for its state of the art architectural design that focuses on modernity and nature.

•Soma Breeze 

Soma Breeze is the youngest and hippest project to date; Soma Breeze is a self-contained community by the shoreline. Featuring 7 blocks of lavish apartments with views overlooking the varied and equally breathtaking vistas, it offers its residents an unparalleled sense of convenience: its owners’ exclusive clubhouse will feature.

Soma Breeze Soma Bay Hurghada Egypt

This self-contained resort paradise is encompassed by endless sandy beaches to the South and magical coral reefs to the North.

Soma Breeze Soma Bay Hurghada Egypt

Soma Breeze’s young and hip architecture provides the spoils of everyday modern living, coupled with unobstructed views of outstanding nature. Serenely self-contained by the shoreline, the community is built on lavish apartments overlooking breathtaking vistas with the convenience of nearby amenities. Located at the tip of the Somabay peninsula, Soma Breeze gives you a unique panoramic view of the reef and the bay at once. Enjoy peace of mind and crystal clear clarity with intricately curated personal experiences that aim to resonate within you whilst elevating and refreshing your mind, body and soul. Soma Breeze living provides boundless space for relaxation and recreation, enriching authentic experiences, ultimately empowering easy, breezy; living. 

Soma Breeze Soma Bay Hurghada Egypt

With a pool a couple of steps away from your door and exclusive access for homeowners to the clubhouse’s miscellaneous eateries and everyday essentials, life is hassle free at Soma Breeze. The property consists of low-rise homes built with the perfect blend of privacy, luxury and convenience. Soma Breeze houses eight different unit types, ranging from one, two and three-bedroom apartments, all offering a spectacular view of the award- winning golf course and mesmerizing untamed landscape.

•Wadi jebal 

A quintessential bayside atmosphere comes to life with Wadi Jebal’s exclusive collection of residences tailored to your requirements. From family fun, to blissfully serene moments by the shore.

Wadi jebal Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Wadi Jebal Lodges are set atop the beautiful cliffs of the peninsula, Wadi Jebal Lodges is Somabay’s latest gem: a residential project with unmatched views of the Red Sea’s crystal clear waters. Making the most of the natural topography, it rewards all its unit owners with incredible views of the sea, 365 sunsets a year.

Wadi jebal Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Built on only 15% of the cliff, it offers its homes ample surrounding open spaces and privacy, bringing all that matters most in one place: beautiful homes in a picturesque setting.

Somabay is just four hours away from Central Europe and a short drive from Hurghada International Airport. Furthermore, the ancient sites of Luxor and the Nile Valley are a convenient two hour drive away.

Wadi jebal Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Wadi Jebal includes different types of residential units to suit different tastes and needs, which are: villas on heights, which gives resort-goers complete independence and unique pleasure with a distinctive view of the green spaces and the seashore. The residential units in Wadi Jebal include first-row villas with a panoramic direct view of the sea. Units in Wadi Jebal have a single element of elegance and beauty.

Wadi jebal Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea


Blanca is the newest project in Soma Bay...white houses on desert sand, pure luxury and lifestyle in the immediate vicinity of the marina. A beautiful and exclusive piece of land in the bay of Soma Bay.

Blanca Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Soma Bay is a paradise of ten million square meters. A large resort peninsula south of Hurghada and a pearl of the Red Sea, developed with love. The sun and the Red Sea give the resort the energy and the fullness of passion for this land. The resort is an island in the middle of the desert, surrounded by white sandy beaches in the south and contrasting with the beautiful coral reefs in the north of the peninsula. Soma Bay is harmony for body and soul. Time to relax. But also active vacationers find here in the golf club, in the Kite House or with the dipping a balance to the sweet idleness. The resort's thalasso spa is the largest on the Red Sea, and the visual accents in the resort are classically elegant and understated.

Blanca Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

where exquisite ribbons of sand are backed by lush green golf views and lapped by turquoise waters sleeping at the foot of red mountain peaks. Captivating beneath the water as above, Somabay is one of the few places on earth that does beach-front luxury so effortlessly.
Blanca’s exclusive location grants its community an ideal mix of uninterrupted relaxation, powered by the lively happenings of Somabay’s White Beach next door. The development distinctly lies in a quiet spot straight in the heart of the bay to invite nature and heavenly views into every corner of your home.

Blanca Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Just a few steps away, White Beach is a permanent backstage pass to experience a magnetic beachfront lifestyle, lined with elegant sun-beds embracing the sea from every angle and perfected by relaxing music tunes, impeccable service and a scrumptious variety of dishes and colorful cocktails to delight.

Blanca Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Uncover the perfect blend of spaciousness, comfort and authenticity, exclusively designed around your every need.

Blanca Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea Egypt


Mazeej Soma Bay, a place for wanderers and an experience of luxury laced with the surrounding nature. A concept of tranquillity, minimalism, and a medley of chicness and originality. Whether it’s the desert or the sea, Mazeej fits within its surroundings. Mazeej honors ancient customs and appreciates relationships with nature by creating an unusual atmosphere in each site by embracing regional flavors and the local history.

Mazeej Soma Bay Residences Luxury Units Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Somabay is a dynamic cultural hub with a mysterious past, where magnificent beaches and contemporary grandeur coexist. Give in to Somabay’s seductive siren, your destination that goes beyond the limit of bliss and tranquilly.

Mazeej Soma Bay Residences Luxury Units Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Discover elegance in every attentive aspect of hospitality is rediscovering the true meaning of warmth and enthusiasm. Mazeej Soma is the epitome is distinctive luxury brought to the Red Sea providing an experience of richness, calmness and tranquility within the surrounding raw elements of nature.

Mazeej Soma Bay Residences Luxury Units Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

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